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Christmas Ornaments Capture Memories

Each year my husband and I purchase one Christmas ornament that represents a milestone from the past year for our sons. It became a family tradition to remind us of things like – when the boys lost their first tooth, hunted their first elk, or proudly grew a mustache. Our Christmas ornaments capture our memories in a family tradition that can be handed down for generations.

The search for the perfect ornament is one of the trickiest tasks on my holiday “to do” list. (Imagine searching for a mustache ornament!) Over the years, I’ve found my most tried and true local partner in the search for obscure ornaments to be Into the Woods located on Main Street in Gunnison. And because they are open year round, I can search for that perfect ornament anytime of year. The owners will even hand paint the year and our son’s name on the ornament at no cost.

Ornament boxes keep each boy’s ornaments safe for future years. And when the boys have their own family, we will hand these boxes of ornaments over to them. The ornaments just might prompt our boys to tell grand stories of their youth to their children. And just maybe, when we come to visit, we can pick an ornament off their tree to share our own version of the story to our grandchildren. The ornaments become storytellers that keep family memories alive from generation to generation. Decorate CB knows how important an ornament can be. And when we help you store your decorations for safe keeping, we treat them as if they were our own.